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Frequently Asked Questions 

Please find the following terms and conditions relating to our on-location services.  

Q: Is there a minimum charge? 

A: Yes. But only for the location services. There is a minimum charge of $800 for each location service. Should a service selected total less than $800, $800 will be the final amount to be charged.


Q: Is there a site visit or travel fee? 

A: $1/mile round trip from the artist's place. Location more than 50 miles one way will be charged $1.50/mile.


Q: Do you require a deposit to book your service? 

A: Yes. For us to secure the date and resources, we ask for a non-refundable deposit that is 30% of the contract amount. The deposit is due on the date of contract signing and will be applied toward the total balance. You can make the payment by cash (Zelle or Venmo). The remaining balance must be paid at least 24 hours before the event to secure the trip. 


Q: What is your cancellation policy? 

A: You can cancel the booking at any time. However, cancellation made 48 hours before the service or event date will cause the loss of deposit. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable. Cancellation submitted less than 48 hours before the event date will result in a 100% contract amount payment.


Q: What if my event prep starts early? 

A: Our on-site service starts at 7:00 am. If you need an arrangement before that time, there will be an early morning fee of $40/artist.


Q: Are you going to share the photos you take? 

A: We ask you to permit us to take photos and videos for our social media content and promotion campaigns. No personal information will be shared with any third party. If you are concerned about our practice, please send us your request in writing. We will be happy to provide a waiver. 


Q: When is the remaining balance due? Can I pay for it after the event? 

A: The balance must be paid 24 hours before the date of the event. 


Q: What is the payment information? 

A: We accept Zelle and Venmo. Please note we are in the process of setting up the credit card payment. It will be ready shortly. Please find below standard remittance info: 

Venmo: @MinJung-Lee-5


Q: Is the payment amount negotiable? 

A: We thrive to provide the best experience for your life events. We will listen to each client's story and wishes and accommodate that within the best possible business practice. We believe that it starts with honoring the agreement.

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